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Cosmetics distributors singapore

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cosmetics distributors singapore

Disposable Protective Face Mask - Pack of 10 - Breathable- Long-lasting hanging ear elastic- Comfortable- Triple layer for extra protection- Individually wrapped in plastic Disposable Protective Face Mask - Pack of 50 - Breathable- Long-lasting hanging ear elastic- Comfortable- Triple layer for extra protection- Individually wrapped in plastic Disposable Protective Face Mask - Pack of 1 - Breathable- Long-lasting hanging ear elastic- Comfortable- Triple layer for extra protection- Individually wrapped in plastic Phytoncide SU, the best natural antimicrobial product.

Non alcohol, Dermatological tested. This is brand new antibacterial Only soft supple moisturized lips that will have people puckering up for more. After a radical turn of events, however, she must face the hardest decision of her life Can she live the best of both worlds? Desperate dreamer hel Immediately apply fibers as instructed onto desired, thinning areas. Re-spray lightly after application for an extra secure hold.

NET WT: Lip Kiss Balm - Smoochy Spice This beautifully tinted lip balm helps create baby soft lips so you can always be kissable! Each color provides a sheer tint of coverage for a lovely and luscious lip effect. Lip Lacquer This beautiful lacquer lip gloss provides maximum color and brilliant shine.Importer and distributor of cosmetics. This service is produced by Kompass. Why this number?

All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment. We have a wide range of colouring cream, styling gel, styling Over the years, with our reputation and committed business strategies, we have built excellent working relationships with our Makers, Manufacturers' Representative, fashion wear ladies, gents and childrencosmetic products, textile goods, toiletries.

Since then, we specialize in latest Beauty and Hair Equipment, Services and Formulator and manufacturer of: - Natural, herbal beauty and health supplement - Organic soya - Total bee series royal jelly, honey, Beauty salon services. Gafoor Trading Co are distributors of beauty products in Singapore and Malaysia. The range of beauty products that we distribute are Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltdestablished inis the developer of exclusive high-end products that cater to enhance total Trading of toiletries, perfumes, stationery color pencils, pens etc and electronic products phones, head cleaners, portable fans.

Distributor of full range of skincare and body products. Celblos Dermal Research Centre is a one-stop professional skincare consultant and OEM manufacturer committed to developing treatment Distribution and marketing of natural beauty lifestyle products from Provence-recipes for face, hair and home.

Importer, exporter and distributor of consumer products like body care, skin care, fragrances and oleochemicals Affiliated Companies Trading and Exporter of custom-made hair replacement products and hair related services.

Trading of home healthcare equipment, massager, home therapy devices, health food, supplements and healthcare products ExportingCom, Inc. All other brands BeautyJoint. IS NOT an authorized distributor. Colors, L. Your response to these questions will help us determine your approval and discount price tier.

Higher discount price tier requires greater minimum purchase amount.

cosmetics distributors singapore

To apply, copy and paste the following questions to your email program and reply back your answers to marketing beautyjoint. Once we reviews your answers, you will be notified by our decision by email. Until then, please be patient all applications will be answered. Wholesale Terms Due to the nature of this program, all sales are final and we do not accept returns or exchanges. Your account may be reverted back to regular account due to inactivity.

Cosmetics Wholesale in Singapore

Not eligible for United States Free Shipping program. If you are a wholesaler and purchase from these brands, item will be deleted from your order and will be credit back to your account. Any repeated attempts to bypass this restriction may lead to termination of your wholesale account. Please contact the exclusive distributor of the respective countries for resale purchases. If you are an international wholesaler and purchase from these brands, item will be deleted from your order and will be credit back to your account.

Please contact the local exclusive distributor in your country for resale purchases. Wish List 0. Do you sell online or offline or both? What country do you mainly sell or want to sell in? What is your current monthly sales in equivalent US dollar amount? How much do you estimate you will buy from BeautyJoint. Com for any one purchase? If approved, how soon will you make your first purchase from us?

How often do you plan or estimate you will buy from BeautyJoint. How do you plan to pay for your purchase? Who is your current supplier and why do you want to change? Is there any brands would you like to see in BeautyJoint. How did you hear about us?

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Do you want to add any comment or concerns?Welcome to the NB Solution family. Leverage on our expertise, professionalism, and prestige to give your salon the competitive advantage. NB Solution is second to none in the region in providing beauty industry professionals with the products and equipment to stand apart from the competition. We also provide you with on-going support, including advertising, promotions, product research and development, training, and skills upgrading.

We are passionate about constantly developing and improving on our products and services, and dedicate ourselves to your success.

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Want the best for your salon? Then you need the best products, equipment, and training. In the beauty business, the key to success is to gain the trust of customers, by consistently providing them with effective, comprehensive services that goes beyond simply keeping them satisfied.

NB Solution offers your salon what no other beauty product distributor in the region does: a comprehensive, professional package that includes not only the highest-quality products and training, but on-going support for our clients. This has made a pivotal difference for salon businesses; many of our clients country-wide have emerged as leaders in the industry because they have been able to provide services at unparalleled standards.

As the premier distributor of quality products and equipment to beauty salons, NB Solution relies on its wealth of experience and expertise to develop a range of products tailored to the needs of the Singapore market. We are devoted to constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the beauty industry — not to just keep abreast of the competition, but to remain heads and shoulders above the rest of the field.

From advanced skin care products that leave the skin fresh and radiant to virtually pain-free hair removal solutionswe offer a comprehensive range of products that feature groundbreaking ingredients and technology. Find us more:. All rights reserved.Now, let's start to figure out authentic wholesale makeup distributors and I will make a final choice for you after go through all makeup wholesale vendors.

Makeup is more than a necessity for most women all over the world. Foundation alone is almost worth 1 billion dollars on its own. Women wear make up everywhere in the world with demand being higher in Europe and North America. Makeup and other cosmetic products are an extremely popular niche for most ecommerce entrepreneurs but as expected cosmetics and makeup in particular can be quite expensive especially in Europe and North America.

World renowned makeup brands are in more demand than other less known ones and it is easy to see why given how frequently they are worn by celebrities and other public figures.

There are 4 main ways in which retailers should sell makeup products especially when there is dropshipping involved. Dropshipping wholesale makeup products is particularly lucrative because you get to offer your customers a wider range of products and even in different variations.

Finding a reliable makeup supplier may just be the key to your success as a makeup dropshipper. Retailers should sell makeup products in the following ways. As mentioned earlier many women, fashion brands, models and even men in fashion buy brand name makeup because of the reputation said brands have built over decades.

Retailers have to ensure they get the best wholesale branded makeup suppliers. One of the reasons why you should sell wholesale brand name makeup is because they sell relatively faster than products that have no brand name, this is because they are more fashionable and popular and should feature prominently on your online store. When you sell the makeup wholesale it means you get a better deal allowing you to make a profit when you sell it to your actual customers from the store. I will attempt to list the 20 best makeup brands in the world.

The following list is not in order or based off parameters such as worth but simply a compilation of the most consistent, best-selling and most prestigious makeup brands in the entire planet. They have everything from creams to eye shadow.

A must have! They have been in operation since and are among the subsidiaries of Estee Lauder. Their products are of high quality and also quite affordable. Works well for the ultimate modern woman. It has been praised for its effects.

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Resellers in the cosmetics industry are always looking for places to buy brand name makeup wholesale. However, not all of them are reliable and here is a list of where to buy branded makeup wholesaler. USAWholesaleMakeup is one of the leading wholesale makeup companies in the United States and their brand name catalog features makeup products from approximately 20 top brands from around the world.

Located in Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida, the company sells to both business and customers who also include resellers from Amazon, online store owners, eBay, distributors and others.

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This is another company that sells top brand name makeup wholesale. It is located in the United States. The company was founded in and has expanded its selling market to include Canada, the United Kingdom and even Australia. The company sells makeup products from more than 25 brands including Givenchy, MAC and others. Additionally, they also have a dropshipping program for online resellers to join.

AllCosmetics deals with makeup products from more than 50 top brands, making them a very special wholesale makeup company. The company was founded in and is also located in the United States. All products are authentic and of the best quality. They are a perfect place to start with when looking for wholesale brand name products because of the variety they have.

Cosmetix is another fantastic wholesale branded makeup supplier. They deal with products from over 50 of the top brands in the entire world. They are located in the city of New Jersey in the United States. They have been in the business for more than a decade and should be among the first names you look for when searching for brand name makeup products.

A UK based company for wholesale name brand makeup suppliers.It ' s more than just a location search. Add " to " after your address to display Directions for A to B e. Try to Search. Accountants or Hair Salons or Massage.

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Singapore Business Directory. Cosmetics Wholesale in Singapore. Related Beauty Care Services. Amore Fitness Pte Ltd. Leading Fitness Centre ladies Only in Singapore Equipped with world-class facilities and gym equipment - Top exclusive women-only gym in Singapore - Total wellness approach to fitness and well-being.

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Venus Beauty Pte Ltd. Good place to get your daily toiletries needs. You can also find several brands of cosmetics n perfumes which they are selling at more. Beauty Language. The Face Shop. The Face Shop is a good place to look for cosmetic products.

They have products for body care, skincare and makeup. Currently, Sephora is having a promotion. This promotion more. SaSa Cosmetic Singapore.

cosmetics distributors singapore

Love to buy cosmetic at SASA. They carry variety type of cosmetic brands, from Asian to Western.Happy Holiday!

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With Hyaluronic Acid. A certified organic blend that offers supreme hydration for skin prior to make-up application. All Natural, Moisturing formula. Mineral Mattifyng Powder. Instantly erase the look of pores and imperfections and create a naturally matte finish.

No Fragrance, No Petroleum. Create an irresistible lip look with two long-lasting, saturated stains and a crystal gloss. Baked Mineral Foundation. Glisten up!

New Colors! Certified Organic Vegan Lipstick. Adorning lips with skin-softening benefits, it simultaneously imparts long-lasting rich colour for a totally luscious pout. Good Glow! New PurePressed Blush in Sunset guava with gold shimmer. Rich in skin-loving minerals and antioxidants. Compact Case. Make every touch-up a luxe moment with the rose gold tone, mirrored compact with butterfly embellishment.

Eyeshadow Compact Mini. Feature five of our favorite eye shadow shades along with a travel-sized eye shadow brush, for on-the-go application and touch ups. Essential Collection with Foam. Powerful moisturizing ingredients lead to the well-moisturized, firm and elastic, radiant and clear skin.

Join the celebration with a delectably lush look from our Happy Together Collection. Let's Party Eyeshadow Kit! Limited Edition. Pure Primer. Shop Now.

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