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How to change supercell id

Supercell ID is the very new account management system recently added into all games developed by Supercell. Setting up and using Supercell ID is very easy and free of course. There will be an one-time-password sent to your email whenever you login. Using Supercell ID is the best way to load your game accounts on multiple devices, or different accounts on one device.

You should see the Supercell ID box marked red like the screenshot below.

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Tap Continue then write down your email address twice. If you want to receive news from Supercell, check the last box. After step 2, you will receive an email like below. Enter that verification code onto the box then press submit to finish the registration.

Your game progress is now connected to this Supercell ID. You can load it on any mobile device you want, from Android to iOS. Now, you will be back to the game loading screen.

Tap on Log in with Supercell ID to continue. Enter your email account you registered before then go to the next step. An email should be sent to your email account now. Open it then enter the verification code. The system will ask you one last time before loading your account. This is for the case you forgot to connect your previous account with a Supercell ID, which can lead to losing it forever. Supercell ID is the new account management system, being used for all Supercell games.

By using it, you can easily save and load your game progress across all of your devices, from smartphones to tablets, from iOS to Android. A: Yes, as stated above, only one Supercell ID is used to store your account. You can load it on all devices and operating systems. A: Yes, you absolutely can do that. Using Supercell ID is optional. However, we strongly recommend using Supercell ID to safeguard your game data.Many existing Android user who switched their first few clash of clans account to use Supercell ID and subsequently regreted are complaining that switching back and forth to majority of others Google Play account sign in are very troublesome.

If player doesn't want to switch majority of their remaining Google Play account to Supercell ID, the only way for them to launch the few clash of clans accounts that were link to Suprecell ID require them to clear data on the clash of clans apps, login and verify using the link email address all over again.

To allow faster and seemless launching of majority of Google Play account and a few Supercell ID accounts, follow the steps below A generic error "Oops! Something went wrong.

Please try again later. I had feedback this limitation to Supercell from within the apps on 24 February No reply or update from them if they are going to remove this limit even after March updates. Remain with Google Play sign in will eliminate the 20 Supercell ID limit per clash of clans apps set by Supercell since there are no limit on the number of Google account per Android devices.

Be reminded that once you link your existing Google Play sign in account to Supercell ID, there are no option for you to reverse it. Toggle Navigation.Supercell ID has already available for most mobile devices! In this small guide, you will find the necessary steps to create and link your Clash Royale account, Clash of Clans or any Supercell game so you do not miss the progress of the game. It allows you to secure your account and find it on all your mobile deviceswhether on Android or iOS.

This is the only way to find your game by switching from an Android device to iOS! Previously an option was available in the settings to associate your account with another Android or iOS device, but it has disappeared since the appearance of the Supercell ID.

It even remade the little tutorial of the beginning on the new device. No more tutorials, code or even password with Supercell ID! Hay Day players can still link their farm to a Facebook account to transfer it from Android to iOS and vice versa.

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Problem: Some players do not have a Facebook account or just do not want to link it to a game. It is perfectly normal to want to remain discreet if your boss already suspects you to play softly at the office rhooo and you spy on Facebook rhooo.

No need for Facebook backup thanks to Supercell ID! The Facebook option is always available to find your friends. With the Supercell ID, you can protect your gaming accounts and easily access them on all your mobile devices. Creating a Supercell ID is free and easy. There are no passwords. In the initial screen of Clash Royale, there will be a wheel where you can adjust the sound, the effects of the game, etc.

There will be a part where you put Supercell ID that will be disconnected. Click on disconnected to start activating it. It will put you to log in, but below it will come out to register. Put your email a couple of times. Open your email which you have registered to register and you will see that Supercell has sent you an email with the verification code that the application asks you, which will be 6 numbers. You cannot lose your progress in any way!

A Supercell ID works with an email address. You do not have to use the same email address for your Google Play or Game Center backup.

how to change supercell id

A Supercell ID can only save one game per game. Yes, but one account is not enough for some Papys Gamers! It is very easy and very fast to move from one account to another, for example from one village Clash of Clans to another. We are talking about accounts that belong to you. Whether you are a Grandpa Village Builder or Many dreaming of a second farm, Supercell ID is THE most practical solution to switch on the same game and the same device, all without a password.

The principle is that you will use a different Supercell ID for each of these accounts, and keep it in memory so you can connect very quickly. Start by backing up each of your accounts on a Supercell ID. You will need a valid e-mail address for each identifier: it is impossible to create multiple identifiers on the same e-mail address.

You must then save your credentials on your device to log in automatically and no longer need to enter a verification code. This is only possible by reconnecting to your credentials. You can now switch from one account to another very easily! No need to redo the introduction of the game to load another part!

And most importantly, no need for code or password. It is not possible to delete a Supercell ID. However, a manipulation error can happen: if you have used the wrong email address or for any other problem, do not hesitate to contact the game support. Make sure you have all the data in your account, including old backup data Google Play, Game Center ….We all know that securing our account s with Google Play or Gamecenter is very important to not lose years of game progress when losing your device.

Now Supercell started a service called Supercell ID and I want to show you everything you need to know about it. I added a section at the end of this article that will tell you what you need to do to not have to confirm with email every single time you change your Supercell ID and also how to add more villages once you have created your first Supercell ID.

You have been able to connect your account with either Google Play Service or Gamecenter and when you get a new smartphone or tablet, you could easily load your village there or sync your game progress between multiple devices, like playing the same village on your smartphone and your tablet.

Supercell ID – How to Create Supercell ID for Free

Playing multiple accounts is something many people do in Clash of Clans, but it was not supported by Supercell officially — now looking at the FAQ of the Supercell ID in the game, you can see that this will now become officially supported:.

Many people here say they are annoyed by always having to wait for the code that is sent via email when switching accounts. I love to play Clash of Clans since and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving. Support AllClash on Patreon here. I have an old iphone 4s that I play a coc base on. With the last update in June, I was unable to update as iOS was not Can you advise anything I can do?

I have a th10 and i just created a supercell id with my email and password and now my base wont load. I have the access to my email, but by supercell id someone is playing my village, but i lost it from my device. Is it possible to remove the supercell from my account or can play with my village any how?? I need help,my lit brother gave his village of th 11 to someone. I am not be able to update it cuz of running of space of internal storage.

Help me. Most of android devices now support dual application, and i only need to create two instance of CoC, along with two logged accounts for that. I just accidentally link it to Super ID and i regret about it. Is it true that I can sell my account now, now this Supercell ID thingy has come? I have same problem. I have connected to Supercell ID some days before. But now it is not connected to google play.

Now can my village be lost if I uninstall the game? Please reply. I need help. I connected my base to hia id with supercell id. I click create new from my nase and enter his email. My base is commectes to supercell id with his email. Pls help me. I have stopped playing the game since two months, now someone othet player is playing that account.

I want to get my village back,but it is asking for supercell id!Supercell ID is a free service that allows you to safeguard your game account and easily play your Supercell game accounts on all of your mobile devices.

Registering a Supercell ID for all of your game accounts is the best way to switch between them. Enter the in-game settings screen, find Supercell ID and select "Connect". Instead of being asked to create and memorize a password, you will be sent a new verification code on each login. You can also choose to save your account on your device, and you won't have to enter verification codes anymore. Save multiple game accounts for one game by creating multiple Supercell IDs.

Yes, the easiest way to switch between your Supercell IDs and game accounts is to tick "Remember me on this device" as you login with each one. After that you don't need verification codes to switch between these accounts.

Then, when you choose "Log out" from the in-game Settings, you can switch between all of the other accounts saved on your device. Once connected to Supercell ID, your game account can no longer be connected or accessed through Game Center or Google.

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When you are logged on to a device and have CoC installed, you can link 50 email addresses or Supercell ID's on that instance or under that account. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Supercell ID Getting Started. Categories :.Supercell ID is exactly what it sounds like; it is a way to back up villages so that you can open one on any devices.

You sign up with your email to get an ID and that email is your gateway to transfer your village to any device. From there, you can enter your email and instantly pull up the village that you want to load!

They are currently beta testing it before it is released to the whole world. Here are all the steps you need to follow in order to get this new Clash of Clans additions. Since you need to change your location, you need to download a VPN app, which lets you choose an IP from another country. Confirm the email and head back onto the app. You will be faced with a map of the world.

Choose the Helsinki, Finland option. Once you have your VPN set as Finland, head into Clash of Clans and head to the Settings tabs located in the bottom right of the screen. Click on the Supercell ID button. The screen below should pull up. You need to create a new account for every village that you want to back up. Click create new and accept the confirmation email. Once you get through all of these steps, you are completely done setting up the Supercell ID. In order to transfer accounts, you are going to want to click log out and then use the email you linked to your other account.

You should be able to sign back in with the other village and have it load up on your device. Thanks for reading and comment below your impressions of Supercell ID! Like Like. How the hell I create a new acc? This is the worst thing that is made by supercell game. Now you are telling wait for 24 hours.

how to change supercell id

So what l cant attck in the war game its really bad and l hope super cell will take thus id idea out other wise this game will loose many players.

And for those who dont know do not try to log in the super cell ids. Hola supercell la cuneta de supercell id no quiere entrar a mi cuenta de clash of clans desde ayer. Dear brother I created a super cell id in my village with wrong email id.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

August 15th, 1. But my other Email ID is already connected with my an other village. August 15th, 2.

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You're going to have to contact Supercell support and hope they can figure out what you need because honestly you lost me in your explanation. August 15th, 3. So your Clash of Clans base was connected with google.

Then the problem is that you have another account, which is saved by google, but with the gmail you used for your SC ID for your first village. And now you want to have the gmail you used for the SC ID to be changed to the same gmail adress that was originaly used for your first base. Did I get that right? You need to contact support then, and try to tell it to them a bit more understandable.

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how to change supercell id

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What is Supercell ID? How To Use It?

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