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How to export music from bmw hard drive

Remember Me? Enlisted Member. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice please.

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How do I transfer my music from my current car's hard drive to my new car's hard drive? I get my new e in 4 weeks time. Any advice will be much appreciated. Appreciate 0. Private First Class. Originally Posted by alfiemoon You can export music to USB from G30' hard rive.

I will caveat you that fact that you should be making sure that uploading too much files in your media drive will cause to fill up its memory and it shouldn't cause your i-Drive to slow down because I know it from my phones, I know when the memory was almost full my phones used to be too slow to fulfill its tasks.

Download Music to BMW Internal Hard Drive

Therefore I use as all the data sent to SD Card to keep phone memory as much free space as possible. Filling up the gas tank is good for your car but filling up the memory isn't ,joking aside If filling up the memory wouldn't cause any issues in your car then that's great. Originally Posted by steve Originally Posted by Nivarox.

Does anyone know how large the hard drive is? Thanks for the advise. I'm terrible with technology. How do I extract my music from my current car using the USB stick? Doesn't matter what stereo you purchased.

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Lieutenant Colonel. Originally Posted by 54Me. I agree that's prettybut just looking at the "standard features" list it says GB for the Nav system including 20GB for Audio Does not say if there is any additional audio storage outside the Nav.

Originally Posted by ZigmundUK. I think so, but what would be really cool is if you could connect your phone through Bluetooth and stream unlimited amounts of Hi-Fi music through Tidal You have radio and sirius for that You may have enlightened me, however, in that I guess I did not know that Bluetooth itself was a problem.

I always thought it was the fact that most music played over bluetooth was compressed in the first place. I have done a compare of songs from Apple Music and Tidal over Bluetooth and everyone agreed it sounded much better If both the source and the receiver support aptX codec, however, I guess it is supposed to be minimal and hard to discern by normal listeners.

Does anyone know if Apple CarPlay is based on Bluetooth? Unfortunately it is too late unless I can add through Connected Drive later. Last edited by 54Me; at PM.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. This wikiHow teaches you how to put music on a flash drive.

You can use a USB flash drive to quickly transfer music files from one computer to another, save a backup of your music, or play music on devices that support a USB drive. This is great for sharing music with a friend, playing it on a stereo that supports USB, or just creating a backup. If your USB drive isn't working properly, you may need to reformat it. Open Windows Explorer or the Finder on Mac. Navigate to a folder containing music you want to copy to the flash drive.

Select the music you want to copy to your flash drive. Drag and drop the music into the Flash drive, or right-click the music selection and select Send to followed by your flash drive.

how to export music from bmw hard drive

Click the option to eject the flash drive in the taskbar or Finder. Remove your flash drive. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Uploading music to BMW built-in hard drives?

Looking at a 3 series which has the build in 8GB hard drive. How do you upload the music? Do they need to be a certain file format? Does the hard drive only come with Sat Nav? Thanks in advance.

Bezerk posts months. Insert a CD into the drive and there is an option to copy the tracks to Disk. The onboard Gracenote database will name the tracks for you. I think so.

I have Sat Nav Pro. Worth mentioning if you have a usb input or full ipod integration I have ipod you'll probably never use the hard drive. I have probably got 10 CDs on there. My entire music collection is on a Gb ipod at higher quality then kbit.

B10BRW posts months. Worth looking to see whether the 3 series you are after has a USB port in the glove compartment. I have loaded over tracks so far with this method, only another to go.

USB in glovebox is needed - having it in the arm rest wont work for some reason. M3Charlie posts months. Pickled Piper 6, posts months. Appeared to be a pointless and time consuming exercise to me. Just plug in your Ipod. Easy to select your playlists and as a bonus the album artwork appears on the screen. How manageable is controlling the ipod through the Professional head unit rather than the Sat nav screen?At first I had a hard time figuring this out even with the cars manual, but eventually learned how to do it.

I know a lot of people on here that has this feature that couldn't understand how so this post is to help them.

How to transfer ipod music into bmw x5?

Picture numbering sequence is left to right. First you obviously turn on your car and take the flash drive pic 1 2. MP3 music on it installed to the flash drive plug it in the USB slot located in the glove box pic 2. Move your idrive knob to External Device and click it pic 4. Move your idrive knob to the USB symbol it will be greyed out, so don't worry and use the shortcut button "option" click it pic 5. You can also transfer music from your CD to the car by inserting the CD as normal and clicking the option button and following my instruction above.

Wow, those iDrive screens look a lot cooler than the ones in my ' They really have done some work there.

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Thanks for the instructions and the photos. What's the capacity of the hard drive, and can you copy file folders as "albums"? Thanks Kzang. Just maybe you should rewrite that section of the manual for BMW.

Uploading music to BMW built-in hard drives?

I'm going to change my flash drive over from the Console to the Glove Box. Its a little dangerus in the Console, it can get bang aroung pretty easy. Thanks again. I don't remember exactly, but just to give you an idea. Not sure about the file folders, but if you click on the USB1 where you just transferred the music it will show what you have exactly on your Flash Drive.

If you loaded folders in the Flash Drive it will show up as folders with the folder name. Is this feature standard on every 5 series or is this some package deal?

Or the value package adds it? OK, so I've been checking out this forum and the e60 forum for a few days now, almost to the exclusion of getting any real work done - but don't fret, I'm sitting in Iraq and with the new Security Agreement that went into effect June 30th, there isn't a lot of work we CAN do over here I was wondering if this only works on the 5's or if it will work on a too?

I just purchased, or put money down and am having my wife :eek: go check it out this weekend, a i sport manual. I own a XI currently, and she drives a X5.

how to export music from bmw hard drive

Thanks for the great forums and information. Its been 2 weeks since coming back from the trip and my mpg has been dropping from 28MPG to I'm sorry but this is only for year cars.

Can one export music from X5 hard drive to ipod?

I'm pretty certain it is standard on all idrives. The 's without nav have the old non hard drive based i-Drives as I understand it. The older i-Drive cannot store music. If you have a with Nav, you get the new hard drive based I-Drive with higher resolution screen, new interface, faster processor, and the ability to store MP3 files on the drive in the car.

Three questions - 1 Can you import songs from an ipod? Thanks for the post - I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Also any new songs transferred to the hard drive after the initial transfer will create a new folder called USB 2 and so on.Log in or Sign up. Can one export music from X5 hard drive to ipod? Post Count: 8 Likes Received Still want all the performance and technology but now craving the refinement and comfort that the four wheels deliver.

My question is this, we have a '10 X5 35d with lots of our music stored on it's hard drive.

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We have downloaded it onto a flashdrive as backup. I was hoping to just download it onto the ipod, or into iTunes, and then play it through the auxillary input on our '07 Z4 3. Is there any way to do this, or is it not possible? Many thanks from a couple of newbies, Eric and Jess.

Eric and JessJun 13, Post Count: 3, Likes Received I hope somebody here has some definitive answer for you - I'm wondering if you have some varying formats going on - if whatever format your X5 plays, or has stored, is different or incompatible with an ipod or your computer, then it sounds like it would take something to convert to whatever might work. If you have a common format like. If you're trying to convert from one format to another and your computer isn't recognizing one, it might be the conversion program, a driver or extra software component for the program, or the computer needs some driver or software for it to recognize the file format, and I'm sure those aren't the sole possibilities.

MGarrisonJun 13, Post Count: 2, Likes Received I believe on your model this depends on production of the vehicle the hard drive is only able to download and can not upload. Any downloads to the hardrive do need to be done through the usb port in the glove box not in the center console. If you have any other question about this or other things about your vehicle please ask. Many thanks, we kind of thought this would be the case. We appreciate all the input. Cheers, Eric and Jess. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Forgot your password?The name of the album, if available, is automatically entered when the album is stored.

If the name is not available, it can be changed later if desired.

2 Best Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to External Hard Drive

Highlight the desired album. Open "Options". Highlight the directory or track. The entire music collection can be stored on a USB device. Make sure there is enough free memory capacity on the USB device.

Starting the engine. Loading Overloading the vehicle To avoid exceeding the approved carrying capacity of the tires, never overload the vehicle. Overloading can lead to overheating and increases the rate at which damage d A More Muscular X5 The X5 M's styling is more aggressive than the regular X5's, but the changes have been tastefully integrated into the overall design.

One thing that might be deemed a little over-the-top is the fr Short commands of the voice activation system Vehicle equipment All standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the model series is described in this chapter.

Therefore, equipment is also described that is not avai Home New Top Sitemap Search.

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See also: Loading Overloading the vehicle To avoid exceeding the approved carrying capacity of the tires, never overload the vehicle.With the large number of music available on your iPod, soon there is no more storage space to put new files. Rather than delete some of these songs that are all important, you can transfer music from iPod to external hard drive.

In addition, at times, your iPod can get lost, crash or get damage unexpectedly. So, back up your music to an external hard drive for safe keeping is necessary. To transfer music from iPod to external hard drive without going through the complicated and cumbersome processes of iTunes, you need the third-party iPod transfer software.

The most professional one is iMyFone TunesMate. This program provides you with an all-in-one media transfer solution. After installation, run TunesMate. TunesMate will recognize and show your iPod in the primary window at once. Check all or those music you want to copy. Step 4: Browse your external hard drive from the pop-up window and choose a folder to save the iPod music. Note: Apart from transferring music from iPod to external hard drive, you can also transfer playlists.

But it is much more completed. You can follow the steps below to have a try. Before transfer iPod music to external hard drive, consolidate all of your media into the iTunes Media folder first.

how to export music from bmw hard drive

As you can see above, you can only transfer all media files to external hard drive, including music, videos, audiobooks, TV shows, etc. You cannot just choose to transfer only music. Note: iTunes automatic sync should be disabled first. You can do that through the steps below:. Aaron Donald is an avid IT geek and smart phone enthusiast who is dedicating himself to write high quality articles for Apple users to fix iOS issues.

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